Biovi Probiotic Antioxidant Blend Capsules

Biovi Probiotic Antioxidant Blend Capsules

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BioVi is a bacteria free probiotic designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your natural microbial population while creating a protective barrier from pathogens throughout the GI tract with the following benefits;

  • All Natural, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Dye Free and Soy Free
  • Designed to improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Effective even when taken with antibiotics
  • Survives stomach acids (gastric shock)
  • Provides a protective barrier in the GI tract
  • Helps maintain a healthy yeast balance
  • Survives up to 5-7 days in the intestinal tract
  • Supports immune and cardiovascular health
  • Creates a protective mucosal barrier on the intestinal wall

Long Shelf Life & No Refrigeration Necessary

Ages 3 and up

30 count