In Preparation of our reopening

•Wear a mask
•Be prepared for touchless temperature check.
•Wash hands

Additional time has been allotted to give more time for cleaning and disinfecting between clients. This is not more time for service or to cover lateness.
Please respect the client before you, by not interrupting their time.
Preparation of Reopening !
Hello Everyone!

We don't like to bombard you with emails, so we have been keeping things up to date on the website. However, now that we are closer to opening, we wanted to give an update.

1st - We are NOT open. Nor will we risk the business to do so, prior to the date given by law. Phase 1 has reopened. Phase 2 is tentatively scheduled to open 5/23/2020 and Phase 3, 2 - 3 thereafter. We were told we may be Phase 2, but there are talks that we may in fact be in Phase 3.
As always, all appointments are scheduled online.
Clients who have active appts will be contacted 1st and given priority. This means you've kept rescheduling or have even scheduled a new future appointment. 
You can do this now.
Ex. Your appointment is scheduled for June 5th, 2020. We have a confirmed opening date 5/26, we will email/text you to see if you'd like to move your date up.
Next will be our VIP Membership clients. Signing up for membership is easy. You can do so on the booking page on our website. We will send an email to all members asking if they'd like to book an appointment before the books are open.
Lastly, newly  made appts.; when we update our website stating we are opened, followed by an email.

Beyond that, there will be no special accommodations. All clients are special. Those who take the initiative early will be the only ones directly contacted. 

There won't be anyone to handle client messages. All messages will be responded to within 24hrs. The website has completely changed. And most information can be answered by taking a brief look or reading your email confirmations, reminders and updates. When further correspondence is necessary, please please please include your first and last name. 
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